What is Endless Waltz?

Endless Waltz is a messenger application that implements a proprietary one-time pad cipher to encrypt each message uniquely. Built on top of traditional TLS, it aims to take advantage of 70 years of advancement in cryptography. In addition, messages are not stored anywhere in any form, preventing retrieval and decryption

Due to the usage of TLS, nature of the cipher, and messages being destroyed after sending, messages sent by users cannot be decrypted by adversaries.

Getting Started

To get started, create an account and download the binary.

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What is a One Time Pad?

One Time Pads are encryption keys harvested from atmospheric randomness. Endless Waltz uses a private encryption source to garuntee uniqueness in each key.

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How is the One Time Pad kept secure?

Once the key is delivered to a client, it is modified by using a Diffie-Hellman handshake in cooperation with the target client. No component of the Endless Waltz circut or an external listener has knowledge of the final Pad (key) used for encryption. All actions take place over TLS encrypted connections

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How are the final messages kept secure?

Obviously, the final messages are plaintext, and only as secure as the endpoints the messenger application is run on.

The Endless Waltz messenger does not save anything, nor do the intermediary servers. And they never will.

In order to garuntee that an adversary cannot plant malware on your endpoint, we reccomend using the live media provided as a download on this site.

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Does Endless Waltz store anything?

All that is stored is what is required for operation: this includes user account data (email, username, password, signup time, and date). Pads are removed immediately after use and regenerated. The exchange servers only maintain a current list of active users.

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